Welcome, court reporters! I’m delighted you’re here.

You are skilled professionals with a demanding, complex job. Capturing the spoken word as it’s spoken? That’s almost a superpower!

But maybe all those transcripts to return are piling up like dark clouds before a rainstorm. You’ve got lots of depositions and hearings to cover, but you want to have a life outside of the reporting world. If you’d like to free up some time to spend with your children, to binge-watch “Fixer Upper,” or simply to sit and think, send me your transcripts to proofread. You’ve labored for hours producing accurate transcripts. Now rest your tired eyes and savor a root beer while I find the flotsam in the sea of words, leaving behind a serene seascape for you and your clients.

When you need a well-trained proofreader, contact me to shine some light on your transcript. I’ll enjoy finding every little error for you, making you and your work look good.

I can’t make it perfect, but I can make it better.