I love words.

I love to read lovely words all by themselves, like sylvan, exquisite, maple, sky, blossom, serenity.

I love concise, well-written quotes to turn over in my mind like a smooth pebble in my fingers.

I love to make beautiful things and to make things beautiful.

I love to combine all of these loves into signs to hang on my walls, making my home more beautiful, reminding me of my values and priorities and ideals far beyond dust on the furniture and a disorganized pantry.

I believe that words are powerful. Yahweh used words to create the universe. He says death and life are in the power of the tongue. Words can bless; words can curse. A wholesome tongue is a tree of life. When I capture a word, phrase, or quote in a beautiful font to be hung on the wall, that sign is a quiet reminder to think on good things. Good thoughts move you towards good actions. Good actions move you towards good habits. Good habits move you towards a better life.